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Who says riding a bicycle is painfully boring? Tune up your life with our new range of e-bikes. Our innovative team has created the perfect electric bikes for the spirited YOU who hopes for a better tomorrow. Classy, elegant and dynamic, our e-bikes will take your style quotient up a notch. SPERO is highly affordable, innovative and one of a kind.

SPERO has all features an avid rider craves for



Do you feel that your pedaling efforts are getting wasted? Your energy never goes in vain as SPERO comes with a regeneration feature. You can charge the cycle with minimal pedaling.


Cruise Mode

Cruise Mode is a unique feature present in SPERO. When you travel at a constant speed for 6 seconds, cruise mode takes over so that you can ride like a king without pedaling and accelerating.


Other Features*

Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of life. SPERO has a mobile charger to boost up your phone’s charge. Other key accessories include: Helmet holder, Mobile holder, Pressure indicator

  • Dedicated Features

    0-25kmph in 10 seconds

    Equipped with 5 gears for the electric mode

    48V Li-ion battery with a 1 year warranty and charges from 20-80% in 2-3 hours.

    It gets charged from a regular domestic line that charges your smartphone!

    Ease of use: Standard bicycle parts can be used on the SPERO

  • Dedicated Features

    No confusing gears, simply beautiful speed digital gear that cuts the noise and vibration to offer a smooth and hassle-free ride.

    Your energy never goes in vain as SPERO comes up with a regeneration feature. You can charge the cycle with minimal pedaling.

    Equipped with a special Li-ion battery to provide a long life and quick recharge, this compact e-cycle is an ideal partner to ride on the busy streets.


Eco Friendly, Electric, Elegant

  • Salient Features

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    Intelligent Display

    The display helps you monitor the stats of the ride on the go. It indicates charge level, current speed, distance covered and much more.

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    Powerful Motor

    It provides rich torque and takes you up for a long ride with total comfort. It helps in making your ride feel effortless.

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    Brake Light

    The attractive brake light helps in cautioning the riders at your back. It has an intelligent day mode and a night mode.

  • Salient Features

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    Digital Gear

    Change gears with just a click with our digital gear. It helps in providing different levels of torque to help you out in inclined roads.

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    Colourful Bell

    SPERO comes with a compact and trendy Bell. You could announce your arrival and seek the right to rule your path.

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    Head Lamp

    Think fog or pitch darkness could never be a hinderence for your ride as SPERO is mounted with a Bright Head Lamp.

  • Salient Features

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    Disc Brake

    Brakes are the most important safety feature of any vehicle. The Disc Brake helps you have complete confidence about your safety during the ride.

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    Pedal Assist

    This System helps to track the pedalling pace of the rider and controls the motor correspondingly for a energy efficient and comfortable ride.

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    Start Key

    The Electric Control is toggled with the help of a Key, so that you could use the cycle either the conventional or the powered way.

SPERO has Three Variants



It covers 30Kms in a single charge. With the handy regeneration feature, this could help you reach your workplace with ease.



Wanna go for longer rides? The SPERO e60 could help you cover a stunning 60Kms with its powerful battery. Its apt for an average user.


SPERO e100

The SPERO e100 is a mighty mammoth. It could take you an impressive 100Kms with single charge. It would be the best choice for Cyclists.

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